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"Toughcat Company is by far a reliable and fair IT company. TC has the skills and ability to provide excellent customer service to those of us who are not geeks by explaining the computer needs and will not have you get some system that is not 100% what you need. Always willing to share her expertise in new program needs." - Sondra H.


"It was my pleasure and great relief being provided with competent computer service, twice. I was at crossroads with moving into my new place, and not satisfied with the non installation of my computer/Internet. After weeks of frustration and no Internet service, I consulted Toughcat Company, and promptly and efficiently the problem was solved to my satisfaction. It was concise and correctly completed in a short matter of time. I would certainly recommend any problem you might have with your computer to the The Toughcat Company. It's worth the peace of mind." - A Satisfied Customer, Gwenn T.


"...The printer works great, I'm happy." - Carolyn H.


"Toughcat Company service I received was professional and knowledgeable. They found my problem quickly and recommended what I needed to do, to avoid making the same mistake in the future. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants a company they can trust with a peace of mind." - Wayne R.


"I was more than pleased with the set up of my new Gateway Computer System, the downloading/back up of my old computer system files and the transfer of needed files to my new system. TC is very knowledgeable with the ability to explain clearly and concisely computer and program operations to the "novice". I greatly appreciated ToughCat Company's service, will use them in the future and highly recommend them to others." - Marvin M.


"My Norton account was due to expire and I called for HELP!. TC was able in non geek language to suggest a new security account AVG that was secure and a better price including a 2 year service. I will recommend her expertise to all that need tech support. " - Sondra H.



All work is provided by appointment only. Please contact via email at:

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